Miju felt as she could fly. What a life!

“Always work, work, work and catch mice? No way!” Miju the cat is dissatisfied with her life on a farm. Then she hears about a wonderful country where cats are treated like kings and queens! So Miju sets out to find that paradise. After a long journey she really does end up in the land of the cats – and even in the queens palace. But everything turns out differently as Miju plans …

Lovely picture story book for preschoolers, primary school children and all friends of beautiful picture books.


Miju in the Land of the Cats

von Natascha Wickerath
Englisch von Johanna Ellsworth
32 Seiten, Format: 28 * 20,5 cm,
broschiert mit Fadenbindung, farbig illustriert
ISBN 978-3-9811979-2-1
Preis: 10,80 Euro (D) inkl. MwSt